Laser System L2000


Laser System L2000 1
Laser System L2000 2
Laser System L2000 3

Conventional and Laser Machining on a Single Machine

  • Laser Cutting, Welding and Etching
  • Near Endless Geometric Shape Possibilities
  • Multiple Operations in a Single Set Up
  • Minimal Burrs
  • Faster Than EDM Machining
  • Machine Accuracies .00001”
  • Now available on Cincom A20, L12, L20, L32 and Miyano BNA-42GTY

Specifications and Benefits:

  • QCW (Quasi Continuous Wave) Multi Mode unit available
  • IPG Photonics leading provider of fiber lasers in the world
  • Air cooled
  • Multiple power units are available
  • 10 micron delivery fiber
  • Internal Pulse Generator with endless parameter possibilities
  • Cutting path and offsets FULLY controlled and edited in machine control

Optical Head Specifications:

  • CCD Integrated Camera for optical viewing and alignment
  • Fine X, Y Beam adjustment for beam alignment to nozzle
  • Head assembly is completely liquid tight
  • Head is 100% made and supported in USA
  • Kerf widths down to 20 microns