Parts Handling Systems


Parts Handling Systems
Parts Handling Systems

Small Part Vacuum Ejection System

The workpiece is ejected from the sub spindle into the vacuum extractor and travels outside the machine where it can be deposited into a multiple station rotary parts carousel. Parts can be segregated in the carousel for first article inspection and other post process activities.

Parts Handling Systems

Rotary Parts Carousel

Delicate Parts Can Be Separated/Collected
Into Individual Locations
Enables Longer Periods of Unattended
SPC Production Scheduling


  • Quick change part collection wheels
  • Chute to direct parts into carousel locations
  • Includes 14 place wheel with removable bins
  • Includes 30 place wheel
  • Mounting hardware kit
  • Easy installation and electrical interface to the Citizen machine
  • User-friendly programmable parts counter

Please See Automation in R&D/Technology for more.