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Feature: Making Parts on A Swiss/Laser Machine 

February 2019

Adding laser cutting to Swiss-type machining is helping this shop do more work for its customers in the medical industry. READ MORE

Feature: Moving into Medical Machining 

January 2017

A background in aerospace manufacturing provided this company with the skills it needed to begin medical machining. READ MORE

Feature: Micromachining on a CNC Swiss Lathe

July 2016

By moving up from a standard lathe to a Swiss-type machine, this company can now bid on making small, complex parts it wasn’t able to in the past, while also slashing cycle times on legacy parts. READ MORE

Feature: Process Control in the Medical Shop 

January 2016

For this shop, successful delivery of medical and dental components is about proper process and machine tools that can handle the job. READ MORE

Technical Member Profile: Marubeni Citizen-Cincom

August 2011

Marubeni Citizen-Cincom (MCC) was founded in 1984 to market and service the company’s line of Swiss-type turning centers. READ MORE

Modern Machine Shop Articles

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Shop Talk: Machine Monitoring in a CNC Swiss Shop

Posted July 2016

Bold moves put this company well on the road to data-driven manufacturing. READ MORE

Shop Talk: A Swiss-Type Turning Point

Posted January 2016

The lessons this shop learned after purchasing its first Swiss-type turning center nearly two decades ago are now being applied to larger multi-spindle and multi-turret lathes for bigger and more complex parts. READ MORE

Shop Talk: Marubeni Expands North American HQ

Posted January 2016

On November 19 and 20, 2015, Marubeni Citizen-Cincom (MCC) hosted an open house to celebrate the expansion of its North American headquarters in Allendale, New Jersey. READ MORE

Feature: Shop’s Success Turns on Swiss-type Technology

August 2012

During the past few decades, the Swiss-type lathe has evolved from a niche product to a go-to platform for done-in-one production of small precision parts. This shop has evolved right along with it. READ MORE

Feature: What Shapes a Shop

January 2011

Marshall Manufacturing melds CNC machining and 3D bending to create intricate medical components from small-diameter barstock and tubing. Customer needs spurred the shop to carve out what has become a successful medical-manufacturing niche. READ MORE

Feature: Probing Beyond Prismatic

April 2009

This manufacturer has used on-machine probing to help automate setups and maintain process control for prismatic parts produced on VMCs for years. The metrology products maker recently implemented probing strategies that let it achieve similar results on its turn-mills and Swiss-types. The smaller, more economical batch sizes these machines now produce are better aligned with true production requirements. READ MORE

Feature: It Begins With Belief

January 2008

This shop’s approach to unattended machining focuses on the big picture. READ MORE

Feature: CAM Software As A Creativity Tool

November 2006

This job shop relies on its CNC programming software to unlock the productivity of its multi-axis, multi-tasking machine tools and CNC Swiss-type machines. READ MORE

Feature: Serving the Human Machine

April 2003

Producing medical parts is a demanding business that requires strict control of machining processes and a substantial amount of outsourcing. To support their continually evolving processes in the shop, manufacturers of medical components must forge strong partnerships with machine tool suppliers and distributors. READ MORE

Feature: Sizing up the Management Challenge

January 2001

This company, which has a half dozen machining plants in the greater Minneapolis area, excels in numerous metalworking activities and is considered one of the country’s best and most diverse job shops. READ MORE