CAV Bar Loaders for Cincom Machines
CAV12 / CAV16 / CAV20 / CAV32

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Engineered exclusively for CINCOM CNC Swiss-type lathes
L12, L20, L32, K16, M16, M20, M32

Perfectly configured to the speeds, torque, power and axis movements of Cincom machines allowing it to respond with the precise movements needed for optimum precision, performance and productivity.

The CAV and the CINCOM share the same CNC controller and electrical system.

Space requirement is reduced and the combination CAV Bar Loader / CINCOM turning center assures exceptional quality at an affordable price.


  • Automatic remnant retraction
  • Quicker response between the bar loader and the machine’s sliding headstock
  • Unique stabilizing mechanism to minimize wear and downtime
  • Hydrostatic oil support
  • Roller support system
  • And just one company to contact for parts and service
spindle stabilizing mechanism

Cincom’s unique bar and spindle stabilizing mechanism align precisely the bar’s center of rotation with the center of the spindle. Forces are evenly distributed, protecting the spindle from excessive wear.

Space-saving pusher design

Space-saving pusher design: an auxiliary device pre-positions the bar.