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NEW! LFV – Low Frequency Vibration


LFV – Low Frequency Vibration

Citizen LFV cutting technology prolongs tool life & reduces problems caused by chips. Benefits include increased cutting tool life, reduced heat generation and reduced power consumption.LFV technology can handle a broad range of machining shapes and materials and is ideal for cutting difficult-to-cut materials providing increased throughput and improved part accuracy.

Low Frequency Vibration Cutting

What is Low Frequency Vibration Cutting?

The servo axes are vibrated in the axial direction using a unique control technology through which cutting is performed while synchronizing this vibration with the rotation of the spindle.

Because “air-cutting” times are provided during cutting, this technique is also characterized by intermittent expulsion of fine chips. This has made it possible to resolve problems such as spiraling of chips, chip entanglement and built-up edges.

Vibration cutting can handle a variety of types of machining in addition to linear machining on faces, including tapers, arcs, and drilling across a wide range of machining geometries and materials.

Vibration cutting can be turned ON and OFF just by inserting G codes in machining that has proved difficult up until now, such as the machining of deep holes and micro-machining.

Citizen's Low Vibration Cutting (LFV) Technology

  • Ideal for difficult to machine materials – Chip control/Tool Life extension
  • Malleable materials such as copper and plastic, previously impossible to control chips – easily controlled with LFV
  • Break up of chips into very small pieces
  • Reduction of down-time/increase in productivity and profit
  • Efficiency Through a combination of vibration and Standard-cutting
  • Very fine work pieces are possible
  • Excellent for deep hole drilling
  • Programmable chip control
  • Chips are broken up and do not become entangled with the material or tool
  • Cutting resistance is lowered
  • Reduce or remove the need for high pressure coolant
  • No built-up edge is formed
  • The machining temperature doesn’t rise so there is little susceptibility to distortion
  • Tool life is extended
  • Very fine cuts are possible
Low Frequency Vibration Cutting
Low Frequency Vibration Cutting

Unique to Citizen Cincom Control

  • Vibration cutting can be turned ON and OFF just by inserting G codes.
  • Vibration Cutting Path Display allows you to check cutting path on the first and second rotation in relation to spindle angle to maximize chip breakage.

Citizen's Enhanced Low Vibration Cutting (LFV) Technology

  • Citizen’s enhanced Low Frequency Vibration cutting method utilizes X and Z axis servos which are designed to vibrate in cutting feed direction.
  • The vibration is synchronized to the main spindle.
  • “Air cutting” allows the generation of smaller chips by interrupting and overlapping subsequent cuts.
  • Citizen’s LFV is very flexible allowing a wide variety of work to be machined.
  • Easy to use – Just add “Vibration start” and “Vibration stop” to the conventional program to enable the LFV methods to be used.