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Machine Information

Miyano BNA-S2/DHY3

The BNA series aims to set the new standard for machines for cutting bar stock, based on the concept of “space savings and sophisticated functions.” It offers high performance in compact space, round-the-clock stability and accuracy; and ease of use for fast set-ups and quick changeovers.

The 42S2 enables back machining with its 2 spindles and 1 turret, and combines a high level of basic performance with convenience of use. The S2 model delivers:

Increased versatility with the provision of a sub-spindle for pick-off and back machining.
Extensive tool range of an 8 station turret with half indexing in combination with multi tool holders.
Latest control technology for reduced non-cutting time and improved productivity.

The 42DHY3, includes the new more powerful Fanuc 0i-TF control that comes standard with a multitude of CNC features that were not available on previous generations of the control. Its half-position turret indexing mechanism offers 16-station tooling availability.

With the combination of the Y-axis function incorporated in the main turret (HD1) and the compact 6-station sub-turret (HD2), the 42DHY3 can achieve further reductions in machining time through overlap processing and other forms of machining performed simultaneously on the main and sub spindles.

All BNA models incorporate the latest control technology for reduced non-cutting time and improved productivity.

Miyano BNA-S2/DHY3

Tooling Area

Miyano BNA-S2/DHY3

Miyano BNA-S2/DHY3

Tooling is much easier for cutting workpieces of complicated shape since several tools can be mounted on the revolving tools and tool holders at one position of turret.


Machine Specifications

Maximum bar diameter: SP1 ∅ 42 mm ∅ 42 mm
Maximum bar diameter: SP2 ∅ 42 mm ∅ 42 mm
Standard machining length 100 mm 100 mm
Number of spindles 2 2
Spindle speed: SP1 6,000 rpm 6,000 rpm
Spindle speed: SP2 5,000 5,000
Draw tube diameter: SP1 ∅ 43 mm ∅ 43 mm
Draw tube diameter: SP2 ∅ 30 mm ∅ 30 mm
Power chuck size: SP1 5" 5"
Power chuck size: SP2 -- 4"
Number of turret 1 2
Number of turret stations: HD1 8 8
Number of turret stations: HD2 -- 6
Shank size of square turning tool □ 3/4" □ 3/4"
Diameter of drill shank ∅ 1” ∅ 1”
Number of live tools: HD1 8 8
Methods of live tools Single clutch Single clutch
Tool spindle speed 5,000 rpm 5,000 rpm
Rapid feed rate: X1 axis 20 m / min 20 m / min
Rapid feed rate: Z1 axis 20 m / min 20 m / min
Rapid feed rate: Y1 axis -- 12 m / min
Rapid feed rate: X2 axis -- 12 m / min
Rapid feed rate: Z2 axis -- 20 m / min
Rapid feed rate: B axis 20 m / min --
Turret slide stroke: X1 axis 135 mm 140 mm
Turret slide stroke: Z1 axis 235 mm 235 mm
Turret slide stroke: Y1 axis -- ±35 mm
Spindle slide stroke: X2 axis -- 140 mm
Spindle slide stroke: Z2 axis -- 360 mm
Spindle slide stroke: B axis 310 mm --
Spindle motor: SP1 7.5 / 5.5 kW (15min / cont) 7.5/5.5 kW (15min / cont)
Spindle motor: SP2 5.5 / 3.7 kW (15min / cont) 5.5/3.7 kW (15min / cont)
Live tool motor 2.8 / 1.0 kW (16 Nm) 2.8/1.0 kW (16 Nm)
Hydraulic pump motor 0.75 kW 0.75 kW
Lubricating motor 0.004 kW 0.004 kW
Coolant motor 0.18 kW 0.18 kW
145 PSI pressure coolant motor 1.0 kW 1.0 kW
Turret index motor: HD1 0.75 kW 0.75 kW
Turret index motor: HD2 -- 0.75 kW
Input power capacity 28 KVA 28 KVA
Voltage AC 200 / 220 V AC 200 / 220 V
Fuse capacity 100 A 100 A
Compressed air supply 0.5 Mpa 0.5 Mpa
Hydraulic oil tank 1.8 gal. 4.75 gal.
Lubricating oil tank 0.5 gal. 1.5 gal.
Coolant tank 43.5 gal. 46.2 gal.
Machine height 1,660 mm 1,695 mm
Floor space 2150W × 1290D mm 2350 w x 1454 d mm
Machine weight 6,173 lbs. 6,834 lbs.