Fixed Headstock Type CNC Automatic Lathes
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Synchronized Control
Available for: Available for CINCOM L20, M16, M20/32 and MIYANO BNA-42MSY2, BNA-42GTY, BNX-51MSY, BNE-51MSY

Synchronous Operation: A patented feature that allows multiple machining functions to be performed simultaneously. Two axes are programmed to operate in conjunction with one another. Movements along both axes are programmed to occur at precisely the same time, and across precisely determined distances.


Superimposed Operation:A patented feature, this function allows the motion of the main Z1 axis to overlap the motion of the Z2 axis. As a result, machining can be performed on the Z2 and X2 axes, independently from operations being performed on the Z1 and X1 axes.


A motion detector is now a standard, permanent device in all new CITIZEN machines to ensure that any relocation of the machine is consistent with export laws.

It is Marubeni Citizen-Cincom’s policy to comply with all aspects of U.S. laws and regulations relative to U.S. export controls, and in particular with the Commerce Department’s Export Administration Regulations, the State Department’s International Traffic in Arms Regulations, and the Treasury Department’s various sanctions regulations.

Likewise, Japan has similar export control laws, therefore Citizen Machinery began equipping their machines with a Motion Relocation Detector (MRD).

First introduced on CINCOM in the Asian market in 2001, the MRD proved to be successful in the execution of the security trade control system. Therefore, in April 2007 this system became a standard feature on all new CITIZEN’s whether they are shipped overseas or not.

A password is required during initial installation to start-up the machine as well as each time the machine is moved. Upon repositioning or relocation of the machine an alarm will sound and the machine will shut down. A new password is then required to re-activate the machine. The process is simple — just contact Marubeni Citizen-Cincom prior to moving your machine to verify the location and ensure it is in compliance with export regulations. You will then receive a new password to initiate the start-up at no additional cost to you.



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