WinCNC Software

Special communication and editing software for Citizen Cincom Swiss-type CNC lathes

Download the WinCNC v3.2.8 Demo

About WinCNC

About WinCNC

WinCNC was developed especially for Citizen users to be able to edit up to three programming systems at the same time. As you are creating a CNC program there are many tools to help you complete sections of the CNC code.

WinCNC (32-bit Windows) for Win95-WinXP / Win7/8/10/11 with Compatibility Settings set to WinXP

  • Create/Edit CNC programs that are unique to the Cincom E/L/M/B Series machines with Mitsubishi Meldas and Fanuc controls. There are three program editors on the screen at one time, lines $1-$3, that enable you to create a CNC program faster and easier than at the CNC. You can copy/move data, or a whole program between $1-$3 with simple key presses. You can also use Windows key strokes for all of the editing functions.

  • There are functions to help you find a Center drill feed depth, SFM-RPM, Thread/Groove/Mill Flats programming, Radius Comp., Machining Data Page information, Simulation Data, CNC Calculator, Triangle (trig) calculator, Tap drill info., Line Numbering, and Engraving, all with a key or mouse press. This saves time, not needing other notes while programming.

  • While editing a CNC program, M and G code help commands can be viewed on the screen at any time. A detailed list of M and G codes for Cincom machines are included, some of which are not in the Cincom manuals. Also all of the codes are explained in detail, sometimes better than the Cincom manual.

  • Printing is made easy and your programs are printed in 2 or 3 columns automatically by the machine type. Also the Machining Data Page information is explained on the printout for easy setup. If you have a single program (Fanuc or Yasnak) you can print your program in 1, 2, or 3 columns to save paper and time.

  • Program queuing check. This will check all the special sync codes to confirm proper alignment. G800's, G700's, !1!2L2, etc. This saves a lot of time troubleshooting at the machine.

  • Communication between computer and any Cincom machine is set up for you. If you have other types of controls you can configure the software to work on almost anything.

Download the WinCNC v3.2.8 Demo

WinCNC v3.2.8 Demo

The internet download version is for demo purposes only. If you would like to purchase the current version of WinCNC or WinTS please contact your local dealer.

*Upgrading from a previous version requires a new password

Download Instructions: To demo WinCNC, download the file above. Unzip the files to a folder on your hard drive, then run “Setup”.

*File is that is 3.9 MB in size

Download the WinCNC v3.2.8 Demo