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LFV Technology

Presented by Brian Such
Executive Vice President


Laser Technology

Presented by Randy Nickerson
Laser Product Application Specialist


L20XII ATC (Automatic Tool Changer)

This unique, compactly designed ATC tooling with B-axis can be mounted on the gang tool post to enable use of a total of 13 front machining B-axis tools - 12 ATC tools and one tool built into the tooling (L20XII dedicated option). Using the ATC tooling in conjunction with existing turning tools and cross machining rotary tools combines the machining speed of a Swiss-type automatic lathe thanks to the gang tool post.
The ATC provides an environment where the tool setting for machining several types of workpieces can be completed in a single setup. Capable for machining complex parts such as medical parts including implants.
With B-axis machining, the ATC tooling can also be used in a wide range of applications such as those with a lot of cross/end face machining, utilizing a wealth of tool variations including slitting/hobbing.

The operability of the L20XII Swiss lathe remains unchanged with ATC tooling
Maximum rotary tool speed on ATC tooling: 12,000 rpm
Motor output: 3 HP
Tool holder type: JBS-15T
Number of B-axis tools: 12 (magazine) + 1 (built-in)
Total number of tools mountable on machine: 34 max. (including B-axis tools)
Tool change time (chip-to-chip): 4.0 sec
Maximum tool outer diameter: φ 30 mm
Maximum tool gripping diameter: φ10 mm (ER16)

Laser System L2000
Now Available on Cincom A20, L12, L20, L32 and Miyano BNA-42GTY


Laser Cutting, Welding and Etching
Near Endless Geometric Shape Possibilities
Minimal Burrs
Faster Than EDM Machining
Machine Accuracies .00001"

Specifications & Benefits

QCW (Quasi Continuous Wave) Multi Mode unit available
IPG Photonics leading provider of Fiber Lasers in the world
Laser is 100% supported in the USA
Air cooled
Multiple power units available
10 Micron delivery fiber
Internal Pulse Generator with endless parameter possibilities
Cutting path and offsets FULLY controlled and edited in machine control

Optical Head Specifications

CCD Integrated Camera for optical viewing and alignment
Fine X, Y Beam adjustment for beam alignment to nozzle
Head assembly is completely liquid tight
Head is 100% made and supported in USA
Kerf widths down to 20 microns

LFV Technology

LFV (Low Frequency Vibration)
Now available for Cincom machines

In Low Frequency Vibration cutting, “air cutting” time provided during cutting serves to break chips up finely and expel them. This prevents the machining temperature from rising, which prolongs tool life and gives relief from various problems caused by chips.

Avoid spiraling chips, entanglement of chips and built-up edges
Prolongs tool life & reduces problems caused by chips
Reduces heat generation and power consumption
Can be turned on and off just by inserting G codes
Ideal for difficult to machine materials


Malleable materials such as copper and plastic, are easily controlled
Break-up of chips into very small pieces
Very fine work pieces are possible
Excellent for deep hole drilling

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Automation Systems
Now Available for Cincom and Miyano Machines

Automated material handling systems designed for Citizen machines

Vacuum ejection
Wire ejection
Loading / Unloading with Palletizing

Automatic unloading and palletizing system designed for medical bone screw manufacturing

System can unload screws as short as 8mm
Part quantity per bin location is programmable via the HMI
Random sample sequence allows for a single part inspection during the production process


Vacuum Ejection Systems

Workpiece ejected from the sub-spindle into the vacuum extractor
Workpiece deposited into external retrieval tray or carousel
Wire Ejection Systems with Support Tray

Designed to eject long delicate parts

System includes long workpiece collection tray/table
Ideally suited for many medical device components
Loading / Unloading with Palletizing Systems

Allows for in-process collection and component sampling

Shuttle storage tray system can be accessed during machining process to unload completed components
Unload shaft components into multiple position pallets
Load material blank to be machined directly into the machine spindle
Pallets automatically positioned from in-feed conveyor to retrieval position for completed components
Completed pallets shuttled to escape conveyor then can be removed from system