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Fixed Headstock Type CNC Automatic Lathe


Machine Information

Miyano BNE-51/65MYY

MYY models equipped with double-Y axis

The BNE-51MYY and BNE-65MYY, with machining diameter of 51mm and 65mm respectively, has inherited the characteristics of high rigidity and precision for which the BNE series has been greatly praised.

The cover has been completely redesigned with a large window to provide excellent visibility. It has also been equipped with a new HMI (Human Machine Interface). Use of a touch panel improves operability and its use with the new NC unit also improves productivity.

9 independent cutting axes

4 simultaneous cutting axes

24 HP main spindle –15 HP Sub Spindle

Main and sub spindle RPM 5000

Dual 12 station turrets each with Y axis capability

24 live tool positions

Live tool RPM 6,000

BNE-51MYY 2.00 inch bar capacity

BNE-65MYY 2.56 inch bar capacity

Miyano BNE-51/65MYY

Additional Details

MYY models equipped with double-Y axis

The upper and lower turrets of the BNEMYY are equipped with a Y axis. Operating with the same capabilities, these two 12-station turrets provide even more flexible tooling due to optimal process allocation that is not restricted by machining balance limitations.

Reduced Cycle Times with High-Efficiency Machining

The two turrets equipped with a Y axis, and mechanical structure formed from the front and back spindles serve to reduce cycle times by enabling high efficiency machining such as simultaneous left/right and up/down machining for superimposed and similar types of machining.

Maximum machining diameter of 65 mm

The 65mm bar capacity of the BNE65 gives it the largest machining capability of the entire Miyano brand.The output of the front and back spindle motors has been increased 1.2 to 1.5 times that of current models, greatly improving cutting capability. Additionally, increasing the maximum speed to 5,000 rpm enables optimal conditions for cutting of small-diameter workpieces.

New HMI (Human Machine Interface) Operating Panel

A new HMI equipped operating panel with a 15-inch touch panel has been adopted to improve operability for workers. Additionally, universal design has been applied to operating panel colors and similar elements for the first time. Universal design has been adopted in consideration of the different ways colors are perceived to ensure that information is provided in a manner that is readily visible and easily understood by anyone.


Standard NC Functions

  • Mitsubishi M830W Control 15” Color Touch Panel
  • Automatic Power Off Function
  • Background Edit Function
  • Canned Cycle for Threading
  • Chamfer/Corner Rounding Function
  • Constant Surface Speed
  • Control (Main & Back)
  • Continuous Threading Cycle
  • I/O Interface for RS232C/SD Card/USB/Ethernet
  • Inch/Metric Conversion
  • Manual Feed by Pulse Generator for all Axes
  • Minimum Increment (0.00001 inch)
  • Multiple Repetitive Cycle for Turning I/II
  • Number of Tool Offset: 99 pairs
  • Program Storage Capacity 2400m (960KB) tape length
  • Preparation Function
  • Program Check Function
  • Program Editing Support Function
  • Self-Diagnosis Function
  • Superimposed & Simultaneous Control System
  • Cut-off Tool Breakage Detector (Torque Check)
  • Tool Nose Radius Compensation
  • Spindle Synchronization
  • C-Axis Control (Main)
  • C-Axis Control (Back)
  • Canned Cycles for Drilling
  • User Macro
  • Milling Interpolation
  • Polygon Machining Function
  • Synchronous Tapping
  • Tool Life Management I
  • Sub Inch Designation
  • Helical Interpolation
  • Workpiece Counter Display
  • Geometric Command Function
  • Network I/O Function


Optional NC Functions

  • Variable lead threading
  • Circular threading
  • Simultaneous threading in 2 system I
  • High speed synchronous tapping
  • High speed synchronous tapping phasing function
  • Differential speed synchronous tapping
  • Coordinate rotation command
  • Hobbing function
  • Program storage capacity 4800m (1920kb) tape length
  • Manual skip function

Standard Accessories

  • Spindle Disk Brake on Main (Left) Spindle
  • Spindle Disk Brake on Back (Right) Spindle
  • Air Blow on Main (Left) Spindle Air Blow on Back (Right)
  • Spindle (Outer and Inner) Work Ejector (Cylinder Type) 12 Stations Upper Turret
  • (HD1) with Y-axis slide 12 Stations Lower Turret
  • (HD2) with Y-axis slide 5.3 HP Rotary Tool Drive
  • Motor (HD1 and HD2) Rotary Tool Jig
  • Filler Tube Assembly Coolant Level Switch
  • Coolant System (Turret and Right Spindle)
  • Door Interlock
  • Automatic Lubrication System
  • Automatic Power Shut-off Parts Catcher
  • Parts Conveyor
  • Machine Light
  • RS232C Interface
  • Signal Tower, 3 Steps
  • Cut-off Confirmation (Cylinder Type)
  • Chip Conveyor
  • Bar Feed Interface (Harting 24 Pin Type Connector) Tool Package


Optional Accessories

  • Chip box
  • Turret high pressure coolant & air blow
  • Tool setter
  • DIN177e collet chuck system (main & sub spindle)
  • 6” 3-jaws power chuck system (main & sub spindle)
  • 6” 2-jaws power chuck system (main & sub spindle)
  • Drill breakage detector (HD1)
  • Drill breakage detector (touch sensor, HD1)
  • Drill breakage detector (HD2)


Machine Specifications

Machining Capacity BNE-51MYY BNE-65MYY
Standard parts catcher length 195 mm 195 mm
Maximum machining diameter 51 mm 65 mm
Maximum drilling diameter SP1 ∅ 25 mm∅ 25 mm
Maximum drilling diameter SP2 ∅ 20 mm∅ 20 mm
Maximum tapping diameter SP1 M22 x 2.5M22 x 2.5
Maximum tapping diameter SP2 M20 x 2.0M20 x 2.0
Number of spindles 22
Spindle speed SP1 & SP2 5,000 rpm
Spindle nose SP1 A2-6A2-8
Spindle nose SP2 A2-6A2-6
Draw tube Diameter SP1 ∅ 52∅ 66
Draw tube Dia. SP2 ∅ 52∅ 52
Type of collet chuck SP1 & SP2 Hardinge S22Hardinge S26
Number of turrets 22
Turret stations HD1 & HD2 12 ST.12 ST.
Shank size of square turning tool ¾" Sq.¾" Sq.
Diameter of drill shank 1"1"
Rotary tools
Number of installed rotary tools HD1 & HD2 Max. 12+12Max. 12+12
Type of rotary tools Direct tang driveDirect tang drive
Tool spindle speed Max. 6,000 rpmMax. 6,000 rpm
Machining capacities
Max. drilling dia. ∅ 16 mm∅ 16 mm
Tap M12 x 1.75M12 x 1.75
Feed rate
Rapid feed rate X1 axis 20 m/min20 m/min
Rapid feed rate Z1 axis 20 m/min20 m/min
Rapid feed rate Y1 axis 12 m/min12 m/min
Slide thrust X2 axis 18 m/min18 m/min
Slide thrust Z2 axis 18 m/min18 m/min
Slide thrust Y2 axis 12 m/min12 m/min
Slide thrust X3 axis 20 m/min20 m/min
Slide thrust Z3 axis 20 m/min20 m/min
Slide stroke X1 axis 205 mm205 mm
Slide stroke Z1 axis 280 mm280 mm
Slide stroke Y1 axis 100 (+60/-40) mm100 (+60/-40) mm
Slide stroke X2 axis 205 mm205 mm
Slide stroke Z2 axis 175 mm175 mm
Slide stroke X3 axis 155 mm155 mm
Spindle motor SP1 25 hp (30 min)/20 hp (cont.)25 hp (30 min)/20 hp (cont.)
Spindle motor SP2 15 hp (30 min)/ 10 hp (cont.)15 hp (30 min)/ 10 hp (cont.)
Rotary tools motor HD1 & HD2 5.3 hp5.3 hp
Required power source
Power supply AC 200 ± 10%AC 200 ± 10%
Power supply capacity 47 KVA47 KVA
Other Information
Air pressure source 0.5 MPa0.5 MPa
Air pressure flowrate 113NL/min. (when using air blower for 1 sec. in 3 locations)113NL/min. (when using air blower for 1 sec. in 3 locations)
Hydraulic oil tank capacity 4.75 gallons4.75 gallons
Lubricating oil tank capacity 1.06 gallons1.06 gallons
Coolant tank capacity 92.5 gallons92.5 gallons
Machine height 81.5"81.5"
Floor space 112.6" W x 86.2" D112.6" W x 86.2" D
Machine weight 17,813 lbs.17,924 lbs